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It is a pleasure to meet you.

My passion for animated films started when I was a kid. I used to watch The Little Mermaid or Hercules all day every day (my mom can confirm) until my world changed and I watched Toy Story for the first time. My heart rose when I saw these 3D characters moving, and by the end, overwhelming feelings of joy came to me. I felt a huge eagerness to learn how to make animated movies so I started this journey.


I have been a generalist in the VFX industry for 2 years (as of 2023) and I worked as a game programmer for an indie game called Candle Knight. 

I would say my technical skills are more developed than my artistic side. However, I am always keen to learn and improve while giving my best attitude and effort.


Something I learned when I started coding, which was definitely not easy for me, is the more you work for your goal the closer you get to it.

I was never a genius, I always needed to work double in comparison to my classmates, but I am very disciplined which, I believe, is what led me to this day.

I hope this text tells a bit more about me and my personality

Have an amazing day!

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